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Roll-on-off Container Hire

for a wide range of commercial clients

Heard Waste provides Roll On/Off container hire for a wide range of commercial clients from it’s Basildon Waste Recycling Depot. For projects and contracts that involve large volumes of waste inclduing building and construction waste, Landscape Gardening and waste from Factories the are the ideal solution

We offer two different sizes of Roll On/Off skips, one at 25 cubic yards (suitable for heavy materials) and another at 35-40 cubic yards.


Used mainly for Large Factories, Building Sites etc. Capacity of up to 40 cubic yards approx.

25 Yard waste types

Roll-on-off containers can be used for light waste & can also be used for Hard-core, concrete & soil materials / Muck away

40 Yard waste types

For light bulky wastes only – NO HARDCORE, RUBBLE, CONCRETE OR HEAVYSOIL / CLAY MATERIALS to be loaded into 40 yard containers

Low sided Roll-on-off Containers

  • 25 cubic yards
  • All types of general non-hazardous waste
  • Walk in access

High sided Roll-on-off Containers

  • 35-40 cubic yards
  • Suitable for light, bulky waste only, e.g. furniture, wood, card, paper, plastic, etc. and Hazardous waste e.g. asbestos, cement sheeting
  • Walk in access
  • Fully enclosed skips available in certain areas.

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We can provide all types and sizes of skips, from 2 to 40 yard skips and roll-on-offs, Rear End and Front End Loaders and “Muckaways” for hire anywhere in the country. Skips come in a wide variety of types and sizes and it pays to make sure you get the right one for the job. If you are not sure which skip size you need to hire, please feel free to contact us for some friendly help and advice. Please take a look at the skip hire sizes chart and use guide below.

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